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Meeting with the Public Prosecutor

If you are invited to a meeting with the Public Prosecutor for an OM hearing/TOM hearing, it may seem less formal than appearing in court. However, such a hearing, like a court hearing in the case of a criminal offense, will result in a record on your criminal record. Therefore, it is wise to contact a lawyer even for such a hearing. A lawyer can advise you before the hearing and accompany you during the hearing. During the hearing, you will be offered a penalty by the Public Prosecutor. Based on the penalty offered by the prosecutor, the lawyer can advise you whether to accept it or not. If possible, the lawyer can argue that the case should end with a dismissal decision, meaning you will not receive a penalty and the case will stop before going to court. If you do not agree with the penalty offered during the meeting with the Public Prosecutor, the case will proceed to the police court, and you will have to go to court. Mr. Noordanus has extensive experience serving as a lawyer in OM hearings and can advise you before and during the hearing.


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