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Noordanus Advocatuur provides legal assistance based on various options:

Legal Aid (Pro deo)

It is possible that based on your income from two years ago, you may qualify for subsidized legal aid. In such cases, our office will apply for a so-called ‘legal aid certificate’ (toevoeging) from the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand or RvR) on your behalf. The application submitted on your behalf is both substantively and financially assessed by the RvR based on data available to the Tax Authorities. Subsequently, the RvR determines a contribution that you need to pay, known as the personal contribution. The personal contribution is the portion of the legal assistance costs that you are required to pay directly to the lawyer, while the remaining portion is covered by the Dutch State. More information about legal aid based on a certificate can be found at

In certain cases, you can apply for special assistance from the municipality to cover the personal contribution. You are responsible for applying for special assistance in a timely manner. For more information, you can check your municipality’s website.

Noordanus Advocatuur collaborates with the Legal Aid Board on a High Trust basis. This allows you to usually find out within a few days after applying for the certificate whether you qualify for legal aid.

Fixed Price Agreement

If you do not qualify for legal aid due to a high income/high savings or if your case does not meet the criteria for legal aid, a fixed price agreement can be made in advance. Noordanus Advocatuur establishes suitable pricing agreements per case, taking into account the expected time to be spent on a case, the travel time to, for example, the court or the police station, and the associated travel costs. The specific tasks to be performed for you within the fixed price agreement are clearly defined in advance.

Hourly Rate

If you do not qualify for legal aid and are not assisted based on a fixed price agreement, you can be assisted on an hourly rate basis. Naturally, an estimate of the total expected costs will be provided in advance as accurately as possible. You will be kept informed of the hours and costs incurred, and you will also be advised on the feasibility of your legal needs and the procedure. Noordanus Advocatuur offers a competitive yet realistic hourly rate.