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Juvenile Law

Mr. Noordanus assists children and young adults who are suspected of committing a criminal offense. A different approach is required for children and young adults compared to adults who come into contact with the criminal justice system. Noordanus Advocatuur has only one interest, and that is the interest of the child/young adult.

The maximum penalties for minors differ from those for adults. Additionally, juvenile law includes penalties that adult criminal law does not have. Think, for example, of certain educational measures, the placement in an institution for juvenile offenders (PIJ), a diversion program (Halt-straf), and a behavior-influencing measure (GBM).

It is important for the minor, as well as for the parents of the minor, that the minor receives proper legal assistance. Mr. Noordanus can provide this legal assistance.

Below you will find a list of criminal law topics in which Mr. Noordanus can provide assistance. If you have questions about a topic that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us to see if Mr. Noordanus can still assist you. This list is not exhaustive.


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    FAQ Juvenile Law

    What is juvenile law?

    Juvenile law is a specific legal area that focuses on minors suspected of committing criminal offenses. This legal system aims to punish young people in an appropriate and rehabilitative manner, taking into account their age, development, and circumstances. At Noordanus Advocatuur, Mr. Noordanus understands the complexity of juvenile criminal cases and provides specialized legal assistance for minors facing criminal issues.

    What are the differences between juvenile law and adult criminal law?

    Juvenile law differs from adult criminal law in several ways. It places more emphasis on rehabilitation and reintegration than punishment. Also, the penalties are often less severe, and alternative measures can be imposed to help the young person in their development. Mr. Noordanus is familiar with the nuances of juvenile law and can assist young people and their families with his expertise and insight into these specific legal areas.

    Can I, as a minor, get a criminal record?

    Yes, minors can get a criminal record if they are convicted of criminal offenses. This can affect their future opportunities for education, employment, and other aspects of life. At Noordanus Advocatuur, Mr. Noordanus strives to protect the interests of minors and help them build a promising future. He will do everything possible to achieve the best results for young people facing juvenile law.

    What kind of penalties can be imposed in juvenile law?

    In juvenile law, various penalties and measures can be imposed, ranging from community service and juvenile detention to alternative measures such as juvenile probation, behavioral interventions, and educational measures. Mr. Noordanus has experience navigating the range of penalties and measures that can be imposed in juvenile law and will guide his clients through each step of the process.

    Do I need a lawyer as a minor in juvenile law?

    While it is not legally required to have a lawyer for minor offenses in juvenile law, it is highly recommended to seek legal assistance in all cases. A lawyer can protect the rights of the minor, advise them on their options, and set up an effective defense to achieve the best outcome. Additionally, assistance is almost always free for minors. At Noordanus Advocatuur, Mr. Noordanus understands the challenges faced by minors in juvenile law and provides expert legal assistance to help protect their rights.


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