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Seized Driver’s License

If your driver’s license has been seized due to violating certain traffic rules and you need your license, for example, for work, it’s important to take action quickly. After your license has been seized, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) has a period of 10 days to decide whether to keep your license seized or return it to you. If this 10-day period elapses and it’s decided that you won’t get your license back temporarily, a complaint can be filed with the court. In this complaint, reasons can be provided for why you believe you should get your license back. According to the National Criminal Procedure Regulations, the filed complaint must be processed in court within 14 days. This means that you may have your license back within 14 days! Do you want assistance from Mr. Noordanus in filing such a complaint? Or has your driver’s license been seized and you wish to contact a lawyer about it? Contact our office, and you’ll have a (telephone) intake interview with Mr. Noordanus within 24 hours.


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