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Victim Support

If you are a victim or survivor of a criminal offense, you will face many challenges. You are confronted with the fact that early in the process you have to make many decisions. This begins, for example, with whether or not to file a report. Throughout the process, many decisions are expected of you. All these choices are ones you would rather not be dealing with at that moment; after all, you have other things on your mind because something terrible has happened to you or your loved one.

As a victim or survivor, it is comforting to have someone by your side who helps you navigate through all these difficult legal choices in a decisive yet humane manner, and who knows all your rights well. For example, you have the right to access the case file, the right to request compensation for any material and/or immaterial damage you may have suffered, and in certain cases, you have the right to exercise the right to speak during the trial and tell how you experienced the criminal offense and – possibly – how you are still experiencing its consequences. Ultimately, the most important thing is that your wishes are leading: nothing is mandatory, it is permissible if it makes you feel comfortable.


If there is a trial involving the perpetrator(s), the lawyer, after carefully preparing the case with you, will of course also accompany you to the trial. At the hearing, she will ensure that you not only have a lawyer advocating for your interests but also a support person by your side, who will assist you during the period when you need it most.

Noordanus Advocatuur focuses its assistance to victims primarily on victims and survivors of serious violent crimes and sexual offenses. As a victim or survivor of a serious violent crime or sexual offense, you are entitled to free legal aid in principle. The lawyers of Noordanus Advocatuur are affiliated with the Legal Aid Board for the specialization in victim support. The office can therefore apply for such an assignment for you. No own contribution is imposed with this assignment. The lawyer of Noordanus Advocatuur is fully paid by the Dutch State in that case. It is also often possible to have assistance and access your legal expenses insurance if you have one. Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the options with you.

FAQ Victim Cases

What are victim cases?

Victim cases refer to legal proceedings focusing on the rights and interests of victims of crimes in criminal law. These proceedings may include obtaining compensation, protection, and justice for victims of crimes such as serious violent and sexual offenses.

How can a lawyer help me as a victim of a crime?

The attorneys at Noordanus Advocatuur can assist victims of crimes by representing their legal rights, advising them on their options, and guiding them through the legal process. This may include filing a claim for damages, requesting protective measures, and representing the victim during court proceedings.

Can I get free legal assistance as a victim of a crime?

Yes, victims of serious sexual and/or violent offenses may qualify for free legal assistance. The attorneys at Noordanus Advocatuur provide free legal assistance to victims of such crimes to help them protect their rights and seek justice. Curious to know if you qualify? We’re happy to provide more information.

What costs are covered for victims of serious sexual and/or violent offenses?

For victims of serious sexual and/or violent offenses, the costs of legal assistance are fully covered by the Legal Aid Board. This includes all attorney fees.

How can I contact a lawyer for free legal assistance as a victim of a crime?

If you are a victim of a serious sexual and/or violent offense and need free legal assistance, you can directly contact the attorneys at Noordanus Advocatuur. Our team is ready to discuss your case, protect your rights, and help you seek justice. Within 24 hours, your case will be reviewed by a lawyer, and you will be informed if our attorneys can assist you.


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