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Seized Goods

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) may seize goods from you in a criminal case for various reasons. This could be because these goods are being examined as part of the criminal case or are expected to be destroyed eventually. Additionally, goods may be seized due to their value, and the OM anticipates that you will have to pay money in the criminal case, which can be offset with the value of the seized goods (conservatory seizure). If certain goods have been seized, and you want them back, an attorney can file a complaint with the court on your behalf, requesting the return of these goods (art. 552a of the Code of Criminal Procedure). If conservatory seizure has been imposed, for example, on your car, security can be provided for this. In essence, this means that you pay an amount to the OM equal to the value of the car, and then you get the car back. The paid amount is then held for potential offsetting against the amount you may later have to pay for damages/forfeiture, etc. Do you want goods seized from you returned? Contact Noordanus Advocatuur to discuss the possibilities.


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