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Road Traffic Law

Including Articles 6 and 5 of the Road Traffic Act

Ms. Noordanus has extensive experience in providing legal assistance to clients who are suspected of traffic offenses and traffic violations. Traffic offenses may include suspicions outlined in Article 6 of the Road Traffic Act, such as driving without a driver’s license and leaving the scene of an accident. Traffic violations may involve suspicions outlined in Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act (often charged in combination with Article 6 of the Road Traffic Act) and driving without insurance.

To complete her studies at the University, Ms. Noordanus wrote her master’s thesis on traffic law. The title of the thesis was: “Traffic Victims and Survivors for Life. Offenders a Community Service?” The thesis investigated the legal framework for limiting the imposition of community service sentences for negligent traffic offenses resulting in death or serious injury, considering the establishment, rationale, and framework of the law limiting the imposition of community service sentences, taking into account the legal interests opposing such legislation.

If you are looking for a traffic law attorney in Lelystad or elsewhere in the country, you are in the right place with Ms. Noordanus.


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