Noordanus AdvocatuurExecution of Suspended Sentence (TUL)

Execution of Suspended Sentence (TUL)

Execution of Suspended Sentence (TUL)

When you have been given a suspended sentence, you are required to adhere to certain general and specific conditions. If the Public Prosecution Service (OM) believes that you have not complied with these conditions sufficiently, the suspended sentence may be converted into an unconditional one. For example, if one of the specific conditions imposed on you is to report to the probation service, and the probation service believes that you have not done this adequately or at all, you may receive a summons to appear in court. During this hearing, the court will determine whether the suspended sentence should now be enforced.

A lawyer can represent you at this hearing and present your defense. It is crucial to contact a lawyer as soon as you receive a letter at home informing you of the court hearing. There is no possibility of appealing the decision of the court, so this is your only chance to present your case effectively.


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