Noordanus AdvocatuurLegal assistant Mr. Dwarka

Mr. S.K. Dwarka

Mr. Dwarka completed her Bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Master’s degree in Criminal Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During her studies, Ms. Dwarka interned at the Rotterdam District Court.

She then worked as a criminal court clerk at the Rotterdam District Court. Additionally, she interned for over a year at the Public Prosecution Service, mainly handling compensation requests for damage caused by seizures, police entries, unlawful detention, and victims’ inability to join the criminal proceedings.

Subsequently, she worked at the Public Prosecution Service for almost three years. There, she was responsible for assessing confiscated driver’s licenses and for handling offenses and crimes related to traffic law.

Noordanus Advocatuur

Since January 2024, Ms. Dwarka has been working as a legal assistant at Noordanus Advocatuur. She serves as the office’s primary contact person and is always ready to assist and provide support.