Noordanus AdvocatuurCriminal lawyer Mr. Helmich

Mr. B. Helmich

Mr. Helmich completed her 4-year HBO Law program and subsequently obtained both the Pre-Master in Legal Studies and the Master’s degree in Criminal Law from the University of Groningen. During her Master’s program, she also successfully completed the Seminar on Human Trafficking and Sexual Offenses.

During her studies, Ms. Helmich gained experience at another renowned criminal law firm and also worked at the legal aid center, where she provided legal advice in criminal law as well as other legal areas.

Since February 2022, Ms. Helmich has been working at Noordanus Advocatuur. She vigorously defends suspects in various criminal cases and has also focused on assisting victims. Ms. Helmich can assist you like no other in drafting a claim for damages (request for compensation) and exercising the right to speak. She is characterized as reliable and direct. Her approach is marked by dedication, discretion, and impartiality: she puts in 100% effort in every case to achieve the best possible result. With Ms. Helmich, you have a lawyer who immerses herself in your case. Her approach aligns perfectly with the approach of Noordanus Advocatuur.