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Mr. L. Noordanus

Mrs. Mr. L. (Leonie) Noordanus, besides being the founder and owner of the firm, is a lawyer with a strong analytical ability, who, through her perseverance and good communication skills, represents your interests in a correct and accessible manner.

Areas of expertise of Mr. Noordanus

Mr. Noordanus exclusively focuses on criminal law in the broadest sense of the word. She deals with complex, as well as less complex criminal cases. For instance, she defends clients accused of large-scale fraud, sexual offenses, violent crimes (including domestic violence), homicides (such as murder/manslaughter), human trafficking, drug-related offenses, organized crime, property offenses (such as theft/handling stolen goods), and traffic offenses. Your case receives the attention it deserves at Mr. Noordanus’s firm. There is no distinction made between pro bono cases (cases based on legal aid) and paying cases.

Mr. Noordanus is registered with the Legal Aid Board for the specializations Criminal Law, Juvenile Criminal Law, and Victim Cases. Additionally, Mrs. Noordanus has registered the same areas of expertise in the register of the Dutch Bar Association. Based on this registration, she is obliged to obtain ten training points each calendar year in each registered main area of law according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association. She is also a member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NVSA) and Stichting LANGZS, the national lawyer network for victims of violence and sexual offenses.


Mrs. Noordanus completed both her Bachelor of Laws and her Master of Criminal Law at Utrecht University. Mrs. Noordanus gained years of experience in criminal law during and after her university studies as a secretary, legal assistant, and lawyer at various offices in Rotterdam, Utrecht, and finally in Lelystad. Furthermore, Mrs. Noordanus has also completed the post-academic Specialization Course in Criminal Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is therefore a true specialist in criminal law. As a result, Mrs. Noordanus knows how to handle your case from start to finish in a decisive manner. Mrs. Noordanus has pleaded in almost every court in the Netherlands, making her familiar with every court. She also visits clients in prisons throughout the Netherlands. If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Lelystad or elsewhere in the country, you are in good hands with Mrs. Noordanus!

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